For many, the fear of being stuck on a vessel all day with no means to exercise or do different activities may put them off the idea of chartering a yacht. Whilst this might be the very essence of a holiday for some, others might seek a more active adventure on board, for which there is an extended array of options. If your crew is made aware of your needs, time on a yacht can be tailored to suit everyone, from those who wish to fully relax, to the most energetic personalities.

On the Water

Of course, activity options do depend on the type and size of vessel, as well as the destination, but sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and paddle boarding are standard on almost all yachts on a summer cruise. Many also offer a wide variety of water sports from windsurfing and kayaking to scuba diving, water skiing, jet skiing and inflatables. What is more, many crew members are excellent instructors with some yachts being RYA certified centres with qualified instructors on board meaning expert tuition carried out with the highest level of safety. If you have not tried some water sports, time on board is the ideal opportunity to learn, and even earn qualification. Sailing is a centuries-old skill enjoyed by many, and when chartering a sail yacht guests have the freedom to be as involved as they wish in assisting with sailing the yacht.

In most charter destinations around the world, sport fishing is a popular and highly accessible activity on a yacht charter. Locations such as Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, said to be the ‘Marlin Capital of the World’, offer year-round exhilarating experiences. Fishing could be the sole purpose of your trip, or organised as a day excursion from the yacht or tender, and remains an easily organised activity for when on the water.

On Land

However, those who seek the pleasures of land based activities, fear not! Ashore, the crew can usually arrange for hiking and many yachts carry their own bikes so cycling can be another option. Tennis and golf and can often be booked and land based meals can be organised for when you find the perfect secluded island beach.

The freedom and flexibility gained by chartering a sail or motor yacht can allow for different destinations to be explored in one holiday. Wine tasting in vineyards outside of St Tropez, horse riding in the Nature Reserves of Corsica, and wandering The Colosseum in Rome can all be easily arranged by the crew for the same trip. The benefit of a yacht charter is that it opens up the world for exploration, and for destinations such as Alaska and Norway heli-skiing and husky sledging can be arranged for an alternative means to discover these isolated locations. Being based on a yacht enables the unique activities and sights of the regions visited to be discovered whilst remaining in the luxurious comfort and privacy of a yacht.

A fully personalised experience

Different destinations around the world appeal to us for different reasons. It may be the food, the culture, the climate, the scenery and nature, or a combination of many. As individuals we also have different desires and preferences and a yachting holiday is adaptable and versatile to the requirements of the guests. The time on board is fully personalised and could involve assisting marine biologists tag and monitor manta rays in Fiji, make archaeological discoveries in Southern Japan or go whale watching and swim with orcas in Iceland. The nature and number of activities planned are founded on personal interests and desires.

The diversity of activities available while on board is extensive and not exclusive to what has been mentioned above. Larger yachts may also have gyms, spas, cinemas, yoga instructors, hairdressers and submarine vessels for guests to utilise at their discretion. However, the strength of chartering a yacht is not the extensive range of activities, it is the potential to fully customise the experiences on board to each client. Guests are encouraged to do as much or as little as they want, but the range of activities available is wide-ranging and when on board guests should acknowledge that a tailored experience is at the forefront of a yacht charter holiday.