Selecting a yacht is a major part of prospective guests charter experience that builds excitement before embarkation. It is a phase that cannot be overlooked and is fundamental to finding the yacht that best suits each client’s individual requirements. The most recently constructed yachts offer the most modern designs and latest equipment making them highly sought after and feature the newest interiors that often appeal to charter guests. Of course, every guest has their individual décor and styling tastes, but the fresh and unworn feel of a new yacht is inviting to most.

Due to this, many guests may overlook an older yacht with a similar fresh and ‘near new’ feeling that has recently undergone a refit. A refit can result in a yacht having completely new interior and exterior stylings, and fitting modern amenities not part of the original yacht. An older yacht can be effectively ‘modernised’ through a refit, offering a similar standard of quality and amenities seen on the most recent yachts being launched.

What happens during a refit?

A refit can include many kinds of refurbishment works undertaken on a yacht and by that it could mean major mechanical, electrical, structural and/or interior work. The most common reason for a refit is a change of ownership, with the new owners eager to put their stamp on the vessel – such as a change in the accommodation or updating the interior décor. Other key reasons can also be wear and tear to engines and running gear and updating various yacht systems, or even classification requirements causing the need for a refit.

The benefit of a refit

A refit has many advantages, both for the owner and for charter guests. It is foremost a cost effective way for the owner to improve the quality of yacht that they own and provide to charter. The cost of a refit is a fraction of the price a new yacht of similar size would cost, and the process can be completed in a much shorter time frame than building a new yacht. A refit updates the yachts styling and design with current trends and equipment, increasing its demand to charter guests.

Charter guests, however, also benefit as a yacht refit renews a yacht to ‘near new’ condition at a lesser price than what it would be to charter a new yacht. This allows charter guest to enjoy the modern designs and amenities, at a reduced price than what it would cost to charter a new yacht. Regular refits also maintain a yacht in top sea worthy condition ensuring the vessel is as safe and reliable as it should be.

Selecting a yacht that suitably meets guests requirements is important to maximise their experience on board. Every guest has personal tastes that should be matched, and it is important to consider that the age of a yacht is not indicative of its style or its condition.