Sophia Tutino Yachting is proud to become the Expert Partners in Yachting to 1fs Wealth. 1fs Wealth provide a revolutionary digital platform, FirstWealth, that caters to family offices, high-net-worth-individuals, wealth managers and private banks. FirstWealth is a highly secure technology platform that centralises all your assets and associated documents in one place so that you can view them on multiple devices including your iPad and iPhone. Sophia Tutino Yachting has experience and understanding of the requirements of Family Offices and high-net-worth-individuals and is able to offer expert advice from within the yachting industry.

About FirstWealth

Due to the complexity of their holdings, family offices, UHNWIs or their wealth managers often resort to spreadsheets and multiple systems to manage their portfolios. Principals and PAs often find themselves on the backfoot and the process is inefficient. The founders of 1fs Wealth have extensive experience in trading and transacting in multiple asset classes and have directly experienced the issues facing a family office themselves.

Built with security in mind, FirstWealth is a cloud-based service with data encrypted at all levels. The platform enables clients to consolidate their assets, spanning the full spectrum including liquid, illiquid, real estate and collectables and to manage & share access to secure documents. It provides a single, accurate, real-time view of global assets, with detailed insights into asset-tracking, real-time valuations and risk and drill-down capabilities into SPVs, Trusts and individual assets. Finally, the platform offers different layers of user access so that you can delegate different tasks to different members in a secure and user-friendly way. By having a helicopter view of your entire portfolio, decisions can be made with confidence giving greater transparency and thereby highlighting risks which ultimately allows smarter asset allocation decisions to be made.