We have deconstructed the charter process into 11 simple steps for you to follow. These steps are meant to guide you through the very start of you journey, to chartering the yacht you want, all the way to the moment you disembark from you charter.


  • What type of yacht? (Sailing, Motor or Catamaran?)
  • Where do you want to go?
  • When? Do you have specific dates or are you flexible?
  • What is your budget?
  • How many people are in your party? (Couples, Children, Elderly?)

With access to over 3000 crewed yachts worldwide we would now scan the market to find the most suitable yachts that meet your criteria.

Once you’ve made your choice, we will reconfirm availability and agree on the final price with the Owner of the yacht.

Once we have agreed all terms of the rental as well as the final price, we then proceed to contract to secure the yacht for your holiday.

To secure your preferred yacht, a fully executed contract and deposit need to be in place.

At Sophia Tutino Yachting we leave no stone unturned, going the extra mile to curate the most bespoke yachting experience for you.

  • Your preferences:

We will send you a preference sheet to complete which will provide us with your general information. This includes travel arrangements, specific requirements, charter activities, food and drink preferences and any message you may have for the crew to better prepare for your arrival.

  • Your bespoke Itinerary:

Together with the yacht captain we will be creating a personalised itinerary suited to your likings. We will also suggest some of the best restaurants and activities onshore, as well as the best hidden gems your chosen location has to offer.

  • Pre-boarding information:

One week prior to embarking on your yacht, we will send you all the necessary information to help you pack as well as a recap of some of the amenities you will find onboard. This document will also include the ground transportation to and from the yacht and any emergency contacts you may require.

Your balance of payment is due 4 weeks prior to boarding. We will remind you of this at the time.

Your ultimate holiday starts here! This is when you will meet the crew who will be taking care of you throughout your charter.

During your charter, we will check in with you and the crew to make sure everything onboard is meeting your expectations. We will also assist you with any queries, bookings or special requirements you may have whilst onboard.

Throughout your charter, the captain will keep track of all your operational expenses and receipts. A day or two prior to your disembarkation, the captain will show you the accounts breakdown, and discuss whether there are any outstanding balances due or if money is owed back to you.

We would arrange any ground transportation to take you to the airport or your next destination.


There you have it, you are now ready to begin your very own charter process! Get in touch now and we will be happy to help you with your enquiry.