The fully personalised experience of chartering a yacht is not just the choice of yacht and the creation of an itinerary, taste also the pleasures of a private chef and tailor-made dishes. Beyond a trip, it’s a gastronomic adventure. Expect your taste buds to be sublimated by a unique and personalised sensory journey.

From the moment you choose your yacht, you will be provided with menu samples to ensure that the chef’s specialities match your preferences. Before boarding, you will indicate your food preferences, from your likes and dislikes to your dietary habits and restrictions. The chef will create a tailor-made menu with suggestions and daring local tastings for the more adventurous.


I consider myself very lucky to live and work in paradise, doing a job I love. I love the challenge of getting a preference sheet and coming up with a week’s worth of tasty and fun meals from my culinary palette, and once in a while being thrown a curveball by a guest and exceeding their expectations if possible.” – Chef Julian, M/Y UNBRIDLED


No good food without a good wine! Ask in advance for specific alcohol to get the best taste combo, champagne for breakfast, rosé for the aperitif and French wines for lunch and dinner. A delight in itself. Formal or casual? The choice is yours! Food is as much a question of colour, smell and presentation as it is of taste: the experience of eating begins in the eyes and then bursts in the imagination. Set the scene for your meals, whether it’s a formal multi-course dinner with Chinese porcelain and silverware, an exciting themed evening, a special occasion such as a birthday, or a warn and relaxed get-together. The chef and the crew will fulfil all your wishes, whether you choose to have breakfast on the upper deck, lunch under an umbrella in the aft deck, dinner indoors, or even a picnic on a scheduled beach. The crew will provide you with all the comforts you may need for a picnic on a wild beach, with beach chairs, a barbecue for aficionados, picnic tables and even beach games such as beach volleyball and beach golf. Onboard, the crew will satisfy all appetites with a wide choice of snacks available for afternoon or late-night cravings. Pre-planned extra guests can join the meals as long as the chef has been informed in time to organise such arrangements. From a fresh fish to homemade pasta, local fruits, tasty desserts, Mongolian barbecue or a gastronomic three course meal, the chef will accompany you in your culinary experience.


Working on a charter yacht has been an incredible opportunity for my career. I have a chance to work with the best ingredients and with the freshest products. Also, the dynamic of changing guests and preferences very often makes me go out of the comfort zone and consequently keep always learning! It is a really hard and challenging work, but also very rewarding when at the end of the day you could deliver to the guests more than just a meal but an experience. Cooking is an art and on a charter boat is for me an excellent place to express my creativity.” – Chef Andrea, M/Y ORSO 3


You dream it, we make it. See you onboard!