I’m Sophia Tutino, the founder and managing director of Sophia Tutino Yachting.

I invite you to read my weekly blogs which will be everything to do about yachting, the yachting industry, luxury lifestyle, destinations and of course from time to time, about me and Sophia Tutino Yachting!

In this edition of my blog, I will explain how I started my voyage in the yachting world..

I developed an interest in yachting after my first job experience working as stewardess/chef in the summer month during my studies and saw first-hand how the ‘other half lived.’  This intrigue of yachting, the luxury lifestyle it brought with it and the unique style of managing HNWI clients, brought me to my decision to apply and train as a yacht charter broker after I graduated from my Masters degree in Lyon. I loved the thrill and the attention to detail that was required in this job, and meeting the clients expectations.

After working for over a decade with the best yacht charter names out there, I decided to take the plunge (excuse the pun) and dive right into setting up Sophia Tutino Yachting.

Of course, it is totally different when you are captaining your own ship!  And almost year on, I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be. My focus is on delivering customer satisfaction, bespoke services and ensuring my clients feel like they have another member of their team to help, organise and support their ideas on the perfect yachting holiday.

My motto has always been to be “the trusted yacht charter and charter management expert” and that means a lot. It means I deliver quality services bothfor my clients and meet their expectations, in a transparent, honest and open way together with building and maintaining the relationships within the industry that I have made over the years.

Thus far I have received amazing support from everyone and can only hope that Sophia Tutino Yachting builds year on and continues to remain the trusted yacht charter and charter management experts.