Sophia Tutino Yachting works with reliable sources to provide our network of professionals and clients with an up to date on the current travel information this Summer 2020. We have gathered below the latest travel information as of July 9th, 2020. Further governments’ review will be published on July 15th for countries like Greece and Malta.



The Bahamas: On July 1, the Bahamas entered Phase 2 of its reopening, welcoming overseas visitors. Travellers age 2 and older must present a negative Covid-19 test taken within 10 days of arrival. They must also submit an electronic health visa that asks questions, including where they have traveled in the last six weeks, and receive clearance to travel.

New England: travellers coming to Rhode Island from one of the states with a positivity rate of COVID-19 greater than 5% will either have to self-quarantine for 14 days while in Rhode Island, or produce proof of a negative test for COVID-19 that was taken within 72 hours prior to arrival. The Rhode Island Department of Health will update the list of states with high positivity rates every Monday by noon.

Mexico: No restrictions on entering Mexico and no quarantine is required.

The USVIs: On June 1, the United States Virgin Islands entered the fourth of its five reopening phases, which include welcoming tourists who must undergo temperature checks and health screenings upon entry.

The BVIs: are still closed until September 1st, 2020.


France / Italy / Spain: Currently passengers arriving from a non-Schengen Member State are not allowed to enter France/Italy or Spain, except from the UK. Ports in France/Italy or Spain are open to EU citizens only and no quarantine is required if from the EU, Schengen or UK. Charters are allowed but no boats arriving from “No Schengen” countries are allowed in French, Italian or Spanish waters for anchoring or entering any ports.

Greece: Non-EU guests entering Greece with a yacht (private or commercial) are not allowed to step off the yacht apart from Non-EU members with the following citizenship: Algeria, Australia, Georgia, Canada, Japan, Republic of Serbia, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay & Non-Eu nationalities with EU/ Schengen residence permit. The above mentioned exceptions of guests are allowed to cruise and tour Greece as the Europeans. Also please note that these rules are valid until the 15th of July where we should have the new update from the Government.

Malta: If charter guests are flying in to meet a yacht already here In Malta and live and reside in one of the ‘ok’ countries that form part of the safe corridot with Malta then no quarantine required. Likewise if the yacht is travelling from one of these countries then no quarantine requirements. The first group of destinations that are being reopened for travel comprises: Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Cyprus, Switzerland, Iceland, Slovakia, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia. The list of destinations will be monitored regularly and reviewed if necessary. From any other destination currently would need to quarantine for 14 days, this will be reviewed again on 15 July and it is expected that more countries will be added.

Croatia: All the citizens of the EU, Schengen Area and countries associated to the Schengen Area as well as citizens of NON EU countries who have valid permits to stay in the EU, are allowed to come to Croatia.
Citizens of the NON EU countries are allowed to come if they are coming as tourists (they must be charter guests or yacht owners and their close family members) or if they are coming for business or other economic interest. You can find also more on

Turkey: Turkish Borders are now open both for EU and Non -EU citizens fulfilling the Turkish Visa regime of the related nationalities, both by seaway and Airway ( Commercial and Private Jets by filling in the Customer Health Forms at the Airport). The following procedure is still applicable for the Health Control during the Check in of the boats: 1/ a form will be filled in by each person prior to your arrival to be handled to Authorities, 2/ the temperatures of each person will be taken upon entrance by taking the health and safety precautions, 3/ if, it has been detected a high body temperature, PCR test will be made to this person and then will be acted upon the directives of Ministry of Health.


The Maldives is opening its border and lifting travel restrictions starting from July 15, 2020. Tourists travelling to the Maldives will be provided a free 30-day tourist visa on arrival. Tourists will not be subject to any quarantine measures upon arrival to the Maldives. Tourists will not be required to submit any medical test results for entry to the Maldives. However, travellers presenting with symptoms of COVID-19 upon arrival will be subjected to a PCR test at the traveller’s cost. Additionally, local health authorities may conduct random testing, at no cost to travellers. A health declaration card will be required as part of the on-arrival procedure.  Testing services are available in the Maldives for tourists who require COVID-19 test results to return to their countries of origin or another destination.