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A boutique yacht charter company specialising and exclusively operating in yacht charter services. With an uncompromising approach to customer satisfaction, we pride ourselves on the fully bespoke and personal service we provide.

Our Founder

I have worked in many areas of the yachting industry, most notably as the Head of Charter Operations for 12 years at 3 large yacht brokerage houses. Working for prestigious companies, I gained a huge insight into the world of yacht charter, but more significantly, into the clients themselves.

When I decided to step out alone, it was to fill what I considered to be an obvious gap in the charter industry. With the bigger companies offering ‘catch all’ services, there was a clear need for a personal approach; one that focused solely on chartering and thus was able to offer a tailored experience hinging on relationships, transparency and doing one thing exceptionally well.

By focusing on chartering your yacht, or finding you a dream yacht to charter, our attention is undivided and uncompromised. We listen, we learn your needs and then we use our years of specialist knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We are always fine-tuning our approach and adapting to each client, ensuring you receive an exceptional service. By being a smaller more specialised company with a team of highly skilled people with commitment to excellence we achieve the highest standards for our clients.

This way, we aim to build long term relationships with our valued clients. Our business continues to grow and our long-standing relationships with existing clients continue to bloom. Though I may be biased, I believe once you have experienced a truly tailored service like ours, nothing quite matches up.

- Sophia Tutino, Founder

Our Promise

Yachting is a highly competitive industry, and it is one that demands the highest standards. As a boutique company, we are at an advantage. With experience, personability and firm connections, our chartering experiences are unlike any other. They are truly amazing, with many clients not wanting them to end!

Providing higher standards in luxury yacht charter services 



  • Charterer
    I want to thank you for your professionalism and seriousness. Thanks to your skills, dedication and full availability, our stay aboard the yacht went wonderfully well. We will be delighted to work with you again soon.
  • Charterer
    When I first met Sophia, I thought Yachting was just a matter of renting a nice boat and cruising in beautiful locations. This is not the case! I discovered how important it was to choose together with your charter agent the right boat with the right size and most of all the right captain and crew. It is with no doubt a very difficult job to cope with customers’ expectations and sometimes unpredictable events, and once again the quality of your charter makes the difference. I have used Sophia’s services for many years and she has all those qualities; she understands her customers and make our holidays unforgettable. I do highly recommend Sophia as your charter agent for your future yachting experience.
  • Executive Assistant to Charterer
    I chose to work with Sophia for a very special 8-week charter that we booked back in December 2019. My client wanted something out of the ordinary and I inquired with a lot of brokers before I decided to work with Sophia. Her professionalism, drive, knowledge and creativity was really what made the difference over the other brokers that were shortlisted. I am so glad we chose Sophia, who assisted us through the COVID outbreak. The charter was rescheduled and she reorganised for us to maintain our long vacation on the yacht. Sophia made the impossible become possible for us! We felt looked after every step of the way, from the enquiry stage and then throughout the full 2-month charter. As an executive assistant, I felt supported by Sophia as she offered helpful recommendations and activities which I had never experienced before. I am looking forward to working with Sophia again.
    Executive Assistant to Charterer
    San Diego
  • Charterer
    Sophia Tutino is outstanding. Totally focused on service. Great attention to detail. I recommend her highly. Happy to work with her anytime.
  • Charterer
    We had an amazing time chartering this summer! Sophia went above and beyond to make our trip the best possible. I can attest she is not only legitimate but very well known in the chartering world as one of the best. She is now assisting us in purchasing a yacht of our own. She was an invaluable resource throughout the entire process and I highly recommend!
    San Diego
  • Yacht Owner
    Sophia sourced and secured a highly professional crew for our 34 m M/Y. Once the crew were on board she managed the rental of the yacht in unison with the captain in a truly professional way and over a 3 year period, there were no major issues. She is welcoming and respectful in all she does, she assisted in the sale of the yacht also and I would definitely recommend her and use Sophia Tutino Yachting in the future.
    Yacht Owner
    Newcastle UK
  • Charterer
    I am writing to thank you for the excellent work you have done and for the invaluable advice you gave to choose Nafisa as the perfect yacht for our vacation. You were right! We couldn’t have chosen better. In addition to appreciating the comfort and equipment of the boat, my whole family appreciated the crew even more, and that transformed the holiday into something unforgettable. The crew are made up of impeccable professionals, but above all else, by splendid people who worked tirelessly to satisfy our every desire and request. I conclude by sending a big hug from me and my whole family to Salvatore, Peppe, Maila, Olga, Carmine and Fabio.
  • Charterer
    We have booked twice in the past 12 months with Sophia. Our experience with her has been phenomenal and she has continually gone above and beyond. During the summer months this year, there were many complications due to COVID, and Sophia was simply amazing in handling all aspects of our charters…. She ensured our experience was superb and as seamless as possible from the first discussion, through the departure and onwards. Her attention to detail, communication to the crew, port and transportation providers and undeniable understanding of our needs and concerns made it an even more amazing experience.

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