Tailored Luxury with Crewed Yacht Charters

Privacy – World-Class Service – Bespoke Experiences

It is not only the stunning destinations and premium yachts that make these trips special; it is the charter yacht crew. We select the best and most experienced crews in the industry, so we can offer our clients a level or service that reflects the prestige of the yachts themselves.

Our crews are briefed in detail about the clients that they will be serving on board so that they can provide a 5* star service that seamlessly balances attentiveness with privacy. Our crewed yacht charters represent the height of luxury and our esteemed crew members are on hand to ensure your vacation is unique, impeccably managed and unforgettable.

What Are Crewed Yacht Charters?

Crewed yachts come fully staffed with chefs, captains, a host or hostess and essential seafarers who keep things running smoothly during your time onboard.

The Captain: Our captains are highly experience sailors who also have an intense passion for their sailing destinations. From sunsets to sail-bys, finding secluded beaches or the best spots to dine, your captain will keep your course smooth and ensure you get the best professional insight to your surroundings.

Stewards: Stewards and stewardesses are your devoted hosts during your time onboard. They are responsible for maintaining the interior of the yacht and providing you with exceptional service. Many of our hosts have undergone additional training and qualifications, such as diving or sommelier courses in order to provide our guests with the ultimate yachting experience.

Chefs: Just like the rest of the crew, your personal chef will be briefed ahead of your arrival so that they are prepared to provide you with bespoke menus and meals based on your preferences. From late night snacks to early morning smoothies, our chefs are on hand to cater to your every need.

Specialist Staff: Yoga instructors, fitness trainers, wellness coaches, masseuses, children’s entertainers and nannies are just some of the specialist staff that could be included in your crewed yacht charter experience.

The size of the crew will depend on the size of the yacht and how many people are in your party.


The Sophia Tutino Yachting Difference

Our hand-selected crew members represent the pinnacle of sailing experience and customer service. We work directly with you to create your dream escape. Next, we select a crew that will enhance your holiday and create your perfect onboard dynamic.

Whether you are a thrill-seeking adventurer, or looking to relax in the lap of luxury, our personal approach ensures you a home away from home on your dream yacht.

Crewed Yacht Charters: A Bespoke Experience

When you step aboard your crewed yacht, your unique experience begins. Your crew will be fully briefed ahead of your arrival of your onboard desires, levels of attentiveness and proposed activities.

From the gourmet meals created by your onboard chef, to your unique itinerary, no detail is too small. Our crew tailor every moment to your needs and our crewed yachts take you on an adventure that no one else can replicate.


Included in your bespoke, crewed yacht charter experience:

  • Personalised fine dining menus prepared by your private chef
  • A ships bar, stocked with your choice of drinks
  • Daily cleaning and turndown services
  • Professional inside knowledge of your destinations, tailored to your interests
  • Water toys and onboard entertainment systems
  • Restaurants and bars ashore, researched and booked ahead for you
  • Personal laundry service

Anything else? Our booking team and onboard crew are ready for any additional requests.

Safety & Professionalism on Crewed Yacht Charters

Our charted yacht crews operate at the highest level of safety and professionalism at all times. As well as providing you with a flawless service, our crew carry the highest possible levels of sea safety certifications including watchkeeping, firefighting and prevention and first aid. Crew members must prove a wealth of sailing and customer service experience before being accepted by Sophia Tutino Yachting.

The commitment to onboard safety demonstrated by our crew members will occur quietly in the background of your holiday, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind during your time onboard.

Our Crewed Yachts

Our crewed yachts define luxury and relaxation. Exquisite dining rooms and entertainment areas promise late nights of laugher and fun for all guests, while spacious staterooms guarantee a peaceful sleep afterwards.

All of our exclusive crewed yachts are maintained to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. They are intuitively designed for both hosting, and private relaxation and are fully equipped with everything you need for the perfect holiday.

Alongside our yacht profiles, we can also provide detailed e-brochures outlining all the specifications, history and further information about our fleet.

Our Crewed Yacht Charter Destinations

Our exclusive fleet operate in some of the world’s most beautiful and sought after destinations. Our crew can provide insider knowledge of the must-see spots, best sail-bys and shoreside activities on offer.

Book Crewed Yacht Charter

We will help you create a unique and unforgettable experience onboard your crewed yacht. The process is precise but simple:

  • Tell our team if you have a proposed date, destination and party number in mind
  • Work with our specialist broker to find the perfect yacht
  • Get matched with your professional crew
  • Personalise your experience with the special details

Begin an enquiry today and discover the ultimate Sophia Tutino yachting experience.

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