The cruising grounds of North America can offer a desert by day and a forest by nightfall. Traversing this glittering continent you can witness beautiful and contrasting scenes, from the cosmopolitan magic of cities to the awe-inspiring beauty of the state and national parks, a luxury yacht charter in North America will provide a lifetime of memories and still leave you yearning to return and explore some more.

Experience some of the worlds most famed sailing areas, with cascading waterfalls, hot springs and mountain peaks. Revel in the bright lights of Las Vegas, sled snow capped mountains with husky dogs, kayak tranquil waters with whales and listen to the ancient redwoods whisper their histories through the forest. North America provides an incredible opportunity for adventure but is also perfect for those embarking on a wellness journey, with its restful scenes and picturesque landscapes. Los Angeles provides a haven for though embarking on spiritual or fitness voyages, as a home to the newest and most popular wellbeing centres.  

In your superyacht, you can also sail The Great Lakes, the largest inland sailing area in the world. Tuck into secluded harbours and experience the splendour of the lakes in luxury and privacy with privileged access to unique views of this exceptional waterway. 

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