Experience Luxury Yacht Charter in Sardinia

Aboard one of our exceptional yachts, you can explore the magic of Sardinia in pure luxury. Our esteemed crew are on hand to provide a world class experience. Their insights ensure you find the most secluded beaches, explore private coves and never miss a sunset. Enjoy every moment with your custom itinerary, created so you can make the most of your time aboard and ashore.

Onboard you will find a palace primed for relaxation where no detail has been overlooked. After a day experiencing the wonders of Sardinia your private chef will present a bespoke menu, tailored to your tastes, prepared using fresh, local ingredients.

Take advantage of the opulent lounging and social areas aboard a Sophia Tutino yacht charter. Whether you are entertaining or looking to unwind, private bars, open deck hot tubs, sweeping dining spaces and serene drawing rooms will set the perfect scene for your holiday.

Flora, Fauna and Aquatic Dreams in Sardinia

Sardinia is a flourishing paradise of emerald waters, strawberry trees and sun-drenched historical landmarks. There is a cosmopolitan glamour in Sardinia that plays beautifully against the serene backdrop of beaches, cliffs and glittering waters. The verdant hilltops of Sardinia boast the bountiful crops that are at the core of the beloved cuisine, as do the sparkling seas and spellbinding coves of Sardinia’s beaches. If you are looking to seek the wonder of bygone times in the morning, wander charmed countryside at lunch, and settle by the ocean for Sardinia’s famous lobster by eve. Luxury yacht charter in Sardinia will provide it all and more.

Excursions & Adventures with Luxury Yacht Charter Sardinia

Sardinia perfectly encapsulates the dreamy, unhurried charm of the Med but with ample opportunities for exploration and adventure. The stunning coastline, incredible anchorage spots and historical tapestry provides varied and enchanting excursions for all visitors.

Sunsets & Scenery

Take things slow with long afternoon at Cala Goloritzè, with its bright limestone rocks, protected crystal waters and wild beauty. Let your captain and crew guide you to the majestic snorkelling and picnic areas that this UNESCO beauty spot has to offer.

Take your private tender to the sandy strip of Cala Mariolu, a secluded cover at the end of the Gulf of Orosei - experience the marine flora and fauna with diving opportunities and untouched seacaves.

Retire for the evening and enjoy an expertly mixed cocktail and decadent canapes, while your captain navigates you to the best view of the sunset. Dine under the twinkling lights of the town, surrounded by the serene solitude of the sea.  Super yacht charter in Sardinia promises a breath-taking holiday from start to finish. 


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