Mediterranean Yacht Charter

The Mediterranean brings together sunny climes with a majestic, natural beauty. Step into the vibrant nightlife of Monaco, soak in the iconic scenery of Santorini or experience historic landmarks in Spain. The Mediterranean continues to be the top choice for summer yacht charter.

Mediterranean luxury yacht charter provides some of the most spectacular anchorage opportunities of anywhere in the world. Your knowledgeable captain will seek out breath-taking sunset spots, magical hidden coves, picturesque private beaches and the best diving areas in the Mediterranean. Wrap up a day of adventuring with a gourmet dinner from your private chef, who will champion the exquisite local produce and distinct flavours of your sailing region.

The itinerary options for luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean are vast and diverse. The long cruising season allows ideal temperatures from April through to October, giving you plenty of time to explore the very best destinations.

Despite the immense popularity of the Mediterranean, your luxury yacht allows for a private experience; away from the throngs, you can enjoy the cinematic landscapes and hidden gems of this beloved destination in tranquillity and repose.

Best time of year to go: late April to late October

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