Super Yacht Charter


Creating your bespoke yachting holiday begins with finding the perfect yacht. At Sophia Tutino Yachting, we understand the significance of this perfect partnership, and have mastered the art of assessing our clients’ specific needs and desires to create the right match.

Sailors believe that yachts take on their own individual ‘spirit’ and feeling – we take this mythology and apply a more practical approach. Our detailed understanding of your holiday begins from the very first enquiry and from thousands of super yachts, we will find the one that takes you to paradise.

What is Super Yacht Charter?

While there is no written law on what defines a super yacht, it is accepted as any yacht over 24M – but the majesty of a super yacht transcends its length. Epitomising elegance, a super yacht is a floating wonderland of relaxation, pampering and adventure. Championing evolution and history all at once, the most desired super yachts showcase the latest modern advancements in function, while giving a nod to classic design.

Our superyachts exhibit breath-taking interiors, spacious, opulent cabins and intuitively designed communal spaces for you and your guests. Each area of your superyacht possesses a unique ambience, so whether you are lounging, entertaining or dining, there is ample space to find the perfect backdrop for your days on the water.

Super yacht charter ensures you are provided with an experienced crew and can enjoy total privacy during your holiday.

The Sophia Tutino Yachting Difference

A super yacht charter with Sophia Tutino Yachting is about elevating your charter experience. We know our stunning superyachts speak for themselves, but we want your holiday perfectly tailored to your needs and expectations.

We take on fewer clients to ensure that we can provide a dedicated, world-class service that sets us apart from larger firms. Your dedicated broker will be on hand from the moment you place an enquiry until the moment you disembark. Working with our hand-selected captains and crews, we will deliver an experienced that is tailored end-to-end for your needs.

Who is Super Yacht Charter For?

There are no limitations to who can charter a super yacht. Each yacht has different unique features such as water toys, entertainment systems, gyms, pools and dining spaces. In our experience, super yacht charter is perfect for:

  • Groups of friends and family: If you are looking forward to a luxurious getaway with a group of loved ones, a superyacht ensures everyone has enough space for celebrations and a peaceful sleep
  • Travelling with children: The water toys and extensive on-board amenities are perfect for keeping children entertained. The space and layout of a superyacht is also perfect for ensuring little ones can get some sleep away from the noise of the evening.
  • Couples: When you charter a super yacht, you open a world of possibility for your holiday. Spa and gym areas mean couples can enjoy a workout before settling back for a couples massage in total privacy.
  • Privacy: About privacy, our service ensures discretion for all our clients. Superyachts can provide additional privacy from other guests due to the space and numerous cabins aboard.
  • Hosting: Lavish dining rooms, fully stocked bars, cinema rooms and lounging areas make superyachts the ultimate entertaining space.
  • Special Occasions: Our brokers and crew will work to bring any extra special details to your celebration. From fresh flowers to your favourite champagne, no detail is too small for your dedicated team.
  • First Time Charter: If you are new to yacht charter, experience the best that yachting has to offer when you charter a super yacht with Sophia Tutino Yachting.

Charter a Super Yacht

Contact one of our experienced super yacht brokers today and begin the experience of a lifetime.