Charter Yacht Cost

Unmatched freedom and privacy, access to the world’s most beautiful destinations, attentive crew and world-class chefs; yacht charter is one of life’s most luxurious experiences. The good news is that the cost to charter a yacht can vary greatly, creating a wide range of price options for our clients.

Factors That Influence Charter Costs

Our exceptional standard of customer service and personal approach to creating your perfect holiday is the same for all charters and clients. Whether it’s an intimate yacht for two sailing the iconic coasts of the Mediterranean or a mega yacht charter taking in the vibrant scenes of the Carribean, the level of detail, privacy and luxury is a Sophia Tutino Yachting guarantee.

Here are some things which influence super yacht charter cost:

Yacht Type

The length of the yacht, number of cabins and on-board facilities influence the cost to charter a yacht. Large yachts require greater levels of maintenance and also carry higher overall running costs. Larger yachts also have different crew requirements; to a full staff of officers, electricians, engineers, stewards, deckhands, a head chef and housekeepers in addition to the captain.

The Crew

The quality and experience of the crew will also impact the cost of yacht charter. Crew with additional, specialist qualifications are highly sought after, as are the best captains and officers. We only higher crew members that represent the best of the best to deliver the level of service expected at Sophia Tutino Yachting.

The Destination & Season

Part of the magic of yachting is experiencing idyllic locations – some of the world’s most beautiful corners are harder to reach and this can impact the cost of charter. Each destination will have a popular season; for example, yacht charter in the Mediterranean is more expensive during the summer months. Up and coming yachting destinations are less expensive than established, popular destinations. There is also a big difference in low season and high season costs; we provide both of these costs on all of our yacht listing.

Length of the Trip

The number of days you spend in the paradise of your luxury yacht will also influence the price.


What is Included in the Cost?

Included in the published price:

  • Private hire of the yacht & water toys
  • Promise of privacy and discretion
  • Private tender to escort you shoreside
  • On-board service for the duration of your trip
  • An experienced captain and full crew, appropriate for the size of the vessel
  • Crew meals
  • Yacht insurance
  • Brokers Commission

Your dedicated broker will provide a flawless, end to end service so all you need to do is embark and relax. Whatever your request, our experienced crew will endeavour to deliver. From last minute fresh flowers to your favourite champagne or canapes on deck with friends prepared by your head chef, we know that it is the special details that make a yacht charter unforgettable.   

Is the Cost to Charter a Yacht Negotiable?

The baseline costs for yacht charter cannot be negotiated as they include insurance, safety and an outstanding crew. However, your broker is on hand to discuss the finer details and finishing touches.

Charter a Luxury Yacht