The South Pacific and a luxury yacht charter are a match made in heaven. The colourful and ambient scenes set the perfect backdrop for a holiday abundant with elegance, relaxation and indulgence. There is a romance surrounding the South Pacific that has inspired art, poetry and filmmakers for many years. Nestled among the natural beauty of the unspoiled islands are popular jetsetter hotspots, adding a little more glitz and glamour to this already sparkling destination. French Polynesia is a place to see and be seen for those in a luxury yacht.

Pristine beaches and crystal waters flank the verdant, volcanic hills creating breath-taking, postcard worthy sunsets. There is a vibrancy throughout the South Pacific that is enhanced by the laid back and friendly culture that threads together these enchanted islands.

The remote and flourishing islands of the South Pacific are perfect for exploring from the water, while the inland glamour and nightlife give a taste of the local culture. Sit back and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime in this diverse and utopian part of the world.

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