Mega Yacht Charter

Luxurious, bold and unforgettable. At Sophia Tutino Yachting, we ensure your service and experience matches up to the majesty of a mega yacht. Mega yacht charter offers the opportunity to explore the world’s most idyllic locations from a whole new perspective.

When you charter a mega yacht with Sophia Tutino Yachting, we deliver a personalised, end-to-end service; with an inherent focus on the details that bring your holiday to life, we construct bespoke itineraries and find you the perfect yacht and crew.

What is Mega Yacht Charter?

It is widely accepted that a mega yacht is any yacht over 80M in length. Beyond this, mega yachts boast a world of possibility when it comes to dining, on-board entertainment, gym and leisure equipment and luxe detailing. The comfort and elegance of a boutique hotel, with the freedom to explore the oceans and islands – there is a reason mega yacht charter is so popular for those who prefer the finer things in life.

Our mega yacht charters are complete with an experienced captain and crew. Our screening process ensures that crew members not only possess extended safety training but are also equipped to provide niche services that enhance your mega yacht experience. From divers and masseuses to yoga instructors and gourmet chefs, your yacht crew is chosen by us, for your ultimate holiday.

The Sophia Tutino Yachting Difference

We take a personal approach to your mega yacht charter, detailing your needs and desires before informing the crew and putting the finishing touches in place. This complete service means your broker will be in contact with your crew throughout the duration of your time onboard and on-hand to sort any requirements.

We take on less clients to ensure we can provide a world-class service, where no detail is too small, and no request is too much. Find out what our experienced brokers can do for you.

Why Charter a Mega Yacht?

Mega yachts provide a stunning experience on the water and are a marvel inside and out. Here are some of the key features that make mega yacht charter an unforgettable experience:

Privacy: Our crew operate with complete discretion and will adjust their attentiveness to suit your needs. Beyond this, yacht charter offers a level of privacy that cannot be achieved when staying in a hotel or resort.

Freedom: Yachting allows access to the hidden jewels of the world; private beaches, secluded coves and untouched islands are just some of the secrets you can uncover. Your tailored itinerary guarantees you get to see and experience the best parts of your destinations. There is also freedom on-board, where you can settle in and make it your own.

Families: A mega yacht provides ample space for families with children, with enough cabins for nannies or other staff you may wish to travel with. Intuitively designed family areas allow you to choose casual or formal dining options and spacious cabins ensure everyone is well rested days of adventuring.

Celebration: With everything you need for entertaining, mega yachts are the perfect backdrop for special celebrations. Honeymoons in the Seychelles or wedding parties in Southeast Asia – whatever your occasion, your mega yacht is equipped with the space, staff and elegance to celebrate in style.


Mega yacht charters carry higher costs than luxury and super yacht charters. We are on hand to work with family officers to secure mega yachts for our clients.

How Do I Charter a Mega Yacht?

The first step to chartering a mega yacht is speaking to one of our experienced brokers. The process is simple, so you can get into relaxation mode as soon as possible. Start your enquiry today and begin the experience of a lifetime.

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