Experience Luxury Yacht Rental MIAMI

Aboard one of our exceptional yachts, you can explore vibrant Miami in pure luxury. Our esteemed crew are on hand to provide a world class experience. Their insights ensure you find the most spectacular scenery, seek out the best local adventures and never miss a sunset or photo worthy moment. Enjoy every second with your custom itinerary, created so you can make the most of your time aboard and ashore.

Onboard you will find a palace primed for relaxation where no detail has been overlooked. After a day experiencing the wonders of Miami your private chef will present a bespoke menu, tailored to your tastes, prepared using fresh, local ingredients.

Take advantage of the opulent lounging and social areas aboard a Sophia Tutino yacht charter. Whether you are entertaining or looking to unwind, private bars, open deck hot tubs, sweeping dining spaces and serene drawing rooms will set the perfect scene for your holiday.

Step into a Riot of Colour & Culture in Miami

There’s a reason Miami is known as the Magic City and you can experience the best of it onboard a luxury yacht. This diverse and spirited destination showcases Spanish and American cultures gloriously entwined in a dance of color, food, music and experiences. Your dedicated crew can help you gain access to the exclusive clubs and bars that are a huge part of the Miami experience, with private transfer, hire and other special touches so you can party in style.

Guestlist is key in Miami, and your luxury yacht team will personalise your itinerary, so you don’t miss out on the hotspots. Beyond the beautiful people and designer shopping, Miami boasts natural wonders and can provide some calm and serenity after evenings of dancing. With offices based in the Magic City, Miami holds a special place in our heart, and we ensure our clients see the absolute best it has to offer.

Excursions & Adventures with Mega Yacht Rental Miami

Miami is renowned for its modern and luxurious energy. World class spas and beautiful sunbathing spots are a given in this polished and dynamic corner of the world. But, for those looking for adventure and new experiences, Miami’s coastline and inland present an opportunity to swim, sport and explore. Luxury yacht rental Miami gives you the freedom and privacy to take on new experiences away from the throngs of tourists.

Sunsets & Scenery

A playground for lovers of music, vitality and the highlife, Miami also knows how to take it slow. Away from the riot of colour and the resonant music, it is also the perfect place to unwind, explore wellness or simply watch the colourful world go by. Take anchor in a beauty spot and embark on a day of wellbeing aboard with spa practioners, yoga guides and experienced masseurs ready to help you unwind. If the vivid nightlife is calling your name, your crew can work booking to exclusive clubs into your itinerary. Alternatively, retire to your open deck and enjoy an expertly mixed cocktail and decadent canapes, while your captain navigates you to the best view of the Miami sunset. Dine under the twinkling nightlights, surrounded by the serene solitude of the sea. 



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